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The Sherpa guide, the chess Grand Master and the helicopter pilot – Why your financial planner is all these things and more

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At Fingerprint Financial Planning we strongly believe in the value we add. Whether you are looking to buy your first home, save for retirement, or plan your estate, our dedicated team can help.

We understand that you are an individual. We are enthusiastic about delivering unique solutions and our years of experience and expertise mean that we can put in place a financial plan as individual as you are.

By building ongoing and long-term relationships, we can help you and your family from cradle to grave, offering independent advice specific to you and your aspirations.

This might mean taking on several distinct roles, from mortgage adviser to investment manager and retirement planner.

Or – as you will see – from Sherpa guide to helicopter pilot and chess Grand Master.

Why Fingerprint are the Sherpa guides of your retirement

Earlier this month, Kami Rita Sherpa broke his own Guinness World Record for most summits of Everest, reaching the peak of the world’s highest mountain for the 25th time.

Responsible not only for carrying supplies and oxygen, Kami Rita – and his fellow Sherpa guides – fix ropes and place ladders across crevasses, as well as cooking and navigating for the increasing number of climbers keen to face the ultimate challenge.

Having first reached the summit in 1994, Kami Rita knows better than most the dangers the mountain poses, both on the climb and the descent.

Thanks to him – and the hard work and experience of his fellow Sherpa guides – on 23 May 2019, a record-breaking 354 people completed the climb. Each will have been granted a mere 20 minutes at the summit before beginning the 12-hour descent, a trip that becomes increasingly perilous as daylight fades.

At Fingerprint, we understand the decades you have spent working hard while paying into a pension and the excitement of retiring. We understand, too, the dangers of complacency when it comes to planning pension withdrawals.

We will be here as your Sherpa guides, helping you navigate both the accumulation and decumulation phases of your retirement. This might mean ensuring you are contributing enough, factoring in your life expectancy, and contemplating the effects of inflation when you want to take pension income.

Whatever stage of retirement you are at, get in touch and see what Fingerprint can do for you.

Your investments are safe with a Fingerprint Grand Master

12-year-old Abhimanyu Mishra, from New Jersey, is – at the time of writing – closing in on a world record. Having become the youngest ever international chess master at age ten, earlier this month a tournament win brought him one step closer to the title of Grand Master.

Followers of the game noted the “maximalist approach” the young prodigy took in his final match, a phrase previously associated with the likes of Magnus Carlsen, Alexander Alekhine, and Bobby Fischer.

Managing risk versus reward is important for a would-be chess Grand Master. It plays a key role in looking after your investment portfolio too.

While taking too little risk can leave your funds vulnerable to the effects of inflation, chasing huge gains or following trends could represent unnecessary risk.

Through diversifying your portfolio, we make the best use of each asset class, sector, and geographical location, building a strategy that employs all the chess pieces at our disposal.

By understanding your attitude to risk, your capacity for loss, and your goals, we can ensure the portfolio we build for you stands the best chance of making your dreams a reality, while also minimising risk.

Why you sometimes need a helicopter pilot to see the bigger picture

Fingerprint Financial Planning understand that managing your finances can sometimes feel like being lost in the woods. Worrying about the things right in front of you – such as struggling to make ends meet while budgeting effectively through the pandemic – can make it harder to step back and plan for the longer term.

At a time when stock markets or your own job security can fluctuate daily, planning for the future might seem like a luxury. But it is more important than ever.

Fingerprint can take a holistic – or pilot’s eye view – of your entire finances. Helping you think about your long-term goals means focusing on your life now and your ideal life after you finish work. Once you know what that looks like, we can use our knowledge and experience to help you plot a course out of the woods and into your dream retirement.

If you worry about investment returns or the inheritance liability you will leave behind, we can help there too.

Focusing on your goals and putting a plan in place to get you there is what financial planning is all about. Why not get in touch and see what Fingerprint Financial Planning can do for you?

Get in touch

Fingerprint’s team of financial planners and mortgage advisers can be your Sherpa guides, chess Grand Masters, or helicopter pilots – and plenty more besides.

Whatever area of your finances you would like to discuss, get in touch by emailing hello@fingerprintfp.co.uk or call 03452 100 100.

Please note

The value of your investments (and any income from them) can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount you invested. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Investments should be considered over the longer term and should fit in with your overall attitude to risk and financial circumstances.

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