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It’s no ‘insider secret’ that obtaining a mortgage is generally considered to be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. It is, of course, a lesser-known fact that the entire process doesn’t have to feel like a nightmarish string of events, paperwork and due diligence. For that reason alone, most people find that the excitement of investing in property is smothered by the anticipation of stress and confusion, right up until the exchange of keys.

Very few things in life require your personal finances to undergo the same level of scrutiny as a mortgage application – and, unfortunately, websites and businesses created with a view to streamlining and uncomplicating the experience can make things feel more obscure. It is hard to feel as though things are under control when they are condensed into a few (supposedly simple) steps.

But, from our perspective, there are enough variables and unknowns involved in the process of buying property already. Working with an experienced financial advisor to tackle the question of a mortgage head on is key – here’s why.

How We Can Help

At Fingerprint Financial Planning, the emphasis we place on clarity – and on creating a personal, workable plan – means that we are in the best place to see you through from the very beginning of your experience to the very end.

What’s more, the comprehensive approach we take to financial planning means that we can make recommendations for weatherproofing other aspects of your financial background and future – something anyone preparing to take on a mortgage and property ownership stands to benefit from.

There are plenty more reasons to choose Fingerprint Financial Planning but, for now, here’s everything we can do to assist with your next mortgage…

Residential Purchases

Buying a home is fraught with challenges and, while the reward is definitely worth all the trials it took to get there, that doesn’t come as much of a reassurance when you’re in the thick of it with paperwork, applications, terms and conditions, credit checks, and mountains of emails from brokers and prospective lenders.

There is, however, an alternative. The trouble with brokers and estate agents is that they tend to be affiliated with a limited number of lenders, which means that the advice they are able to offer you will be restricted accordingly.

At Fingerprint Financial Planning, the recommendations we make are genuine – a reassurance that will prove invaluable as you prepare to buy a home.

First-Time Purchases

There has never been so much information out there for first-time home buyers, but things don’t seem to be getting any simpler for those who approach the process without the right help on their side. It is impossible to get advice tailored to your unique situation when you’re limited to broad guides and restricted advisors.

Getting your foot on the first run of the ladder requires help and guidance – and finding the right line of support now will pay dividends in the future, too. It’s relatively easy to get to grips with the basics of mortgages, but getting that tailored advice is key.


Thinking of re-mortgaging a property? The process can be just as mentally taxing and complicated as getting a mortgage for the first time, and it’s important not to underestimate the process just because you’re not physically moving from one property to the next.

The team at Fingerprint Financial can help identify the right path forward before you start getting lost in the woods.

Buy to Let

Buying a property for the purpose of letting it out is an excellent way to generate a new line of income – provided you know what you’re doing, and you’re doing it the right way. Whether this is your very first BTL purchase or one of many, the input offered by one of our experienced financial advisors will help you to avoid the pitfalls and get the most out of your venture.

Portfolio Landlords

Building your property portfolio means navigating some potentially hazardous waters, and keeping your financials in top condition so that future mortgages on new properties remain viable. From organising your cash flow projections to preparing your finances for lenders – and fining the right products for you – we can help.

Let to Buy

Converting your existing mortgage to a buy to let mortgage can sound daunting – after all, unless you’ve experience in property investment, you are probably only used to having one mortgage to consider. Nevertheless, it can be a very effective way of securing your ideal property and smoothing over that awkward transition period between owning one property and another.

As with securing a traditional mortgage, our advisors are experts at finding the right product for you – and making the transition as streamlined as possible for you and your finances.

Bridging Loans

Speaking of tricky transitions, if you are daunted by the prospect of managing your finances during a move to a more expensive property, then a bridging loan may be the answer. This is most commonly used when house sellers are dependent on the money from the sale of their current house to secure their new property, as it avoids the issue of ‘juggling’ one house sale with another.

As with any type of loan, bridging loans come in many shapes and sizes – some better than others. We can help you to find the right product and the right process.

Commercial Finance

Investing into a commercial property may not be quite as infamous for stress and anxiety as purchasing a residential property, but it’s just as tricky to navigate – unless you have the right support behind you.

Securing a loan on a non-residential property means working through the business’s finances with a fine-tooth comb in preparation for lenders. This can be very time-consuming and disruptive to business-as-usual, so save yourself the aggravation and let us take the reins.

Equity Release

Gaining access to some of equity shored-up in your mortgage can be an excellent way to take advantage of a large, lump sum of money without having to sell-up. There are different ways of releasing equity from your home and, as always, it’s vital you take the time to review the pros and cons of the options carefully – and the products available to you – before you make any commitments.

Our team can take the time to walk you through the process, the key considerations you need to make before pressing ‘Go’, and the providers on offer so that you can reap the most rewards from choosing equity release.

Whatever your query – whether you’re thinking in advance or in the thick of things – get in touch with us today for personable and tailored advice for your mortgage.

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