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In the Spotlight: Your Fingerprint team update

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In your latest Fingerprint Financial Planning team update, you’ll find everything you need to know about our team’s recent achievements, from “Refer a Friend” donations to exam success and big birthday celebrations.

First, though, independent financial adviser (IFA) Andy Gregory becomes the latest member of the team to get the Mastermind treatment, as he goes “In the Spotlight” to answer our questions.

In the Spotlight

With five years’ experience in the financial services industry, Andy brings a breadth of knowledge to his role. He lives with his fiancé and dog and when he’s not cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you’ll find him putting his feet up with a film.

Let’s meet him…

Name: Andy Gregory

Occupation: IFA at Fingerprint Financial Planning

Specialist subject: The financial services industry

Andy, we wish you good luck. Question 1: What made you choose to join the Fingerprint Team?

Fingerprint stood out from the first time I met Jack and Paul. It felt like I was having a chat with two friends I’d known for years.

Having been here a couple of months now, I realise that they’re like that with everyone and that’s the secret to our success. From the principal partners to every single member of staff, we all focus solely on what our clients want to achieve.

From there, the business looks after itself. This is the reason why we get so many referrals and good reviews online.

I could probably go on all day, but the other really important point to mention is that there are around two administrators to every adviser here at Fingerprint. This not only means that I can focus on being there for my clients but there’s also always someone at the end of the phone for them if I’m not around.

Whether I’m tied up in meetings or sunning it up somewhere on holiday, my clients can get the updates they need. I can’t stress how important that is when managing a client base.

What do you like most about your job?

At the risk of sounding like someone out of The A-Team, “I love it when a plan comes together”.

There’s no better feeling than sitting down at the end of the day and knowing that your client has reached their goal, achieving that one thing that they came to you for help with.

My job is about finding out what my clients want and why, and it’s impossible not to get emotionally invested. I end up wanting my clients to succeed just as much as they do.

This means that when my clients achieve their goals, I achieve mine too!

What areas will you be advising clients in?

I work as an IFA. If I had to categorise what I do, it would come under the bracket of pensions, investments, protection, and Inheritance Tax planning. But I don’t think that does the profession justice.

The above areas are just the means to an end. Lifestyle goals are what is important to us and the above financial areas are how we help our clients achieve those goals.

If you have a question that doesn’t fall into a category, or something you really want to achieve but have no idea where to start, just get in touch and if I can help, I will!

What three pieces of financial advice would you give your 21-year-old self?

  1. Get protected yesterday!

I know it’s not considered the most scintillating topic, but for many years I wasn’t able to get insurance.

As a financial adviser, dealing with protection – the need for it or the lack of it – every day, you realise the importance of having it. It’s also a lot cheaper and easier to get when you’re younger and healthier.

  1. Save some money

I’ve not always been an IFA and I don’t mind admitting that at 21 I wasn’t at all disciplined with my money. If I’d saved even 10% of my income at the time (which was more than doable) then it would have made buying my first house so much easier.

  1. Your retirement is closer than you think

At age 21 it’s very easy to think that your retirement is a lifetime away but the longer your money has to grow the less you’ll actually have to put aside.

If you put £5,000 aside on your 21st birthday and achieved 5% net growth each year, it would be worth around £47,000 by the time you reach your State Pension Age. You’d have to put around £10,000 aside on your 35th birthday to get to the same figure and £20,000 at age 50.

We’ve started, so we’ll finish…

…By formally welcoming Andy to the team and wishing him all the best for his career with us. And with his imminent wedding!

Your Fingerprint team update

Refer a Friend continues to provide for good causes

We are passionate about the level of service we provide to our clients and believe that everyone should be able to receive expert financial advice. That is why we are so proud to see the continued success of our “Refer a Friend” scheme.

Not only is it great news for you, and the family and friends you refer, but it’s also great news for our charity partners too. Those referring a friend continue to be extremely generous, donating their vouchers to charity. Fingerprint is continuing to match your generous donations, doubling the amount our amazing charities receive.

Congratulations are in order following exam success

Huge congratulations to our senior paraplanner Claire Stevens, who has obtained Chartered status by passing her level 6 advanced diploma in financial planning.

This is a massive achievement and we are all extremely proud of her.

Financial administrator Evelyn Woodard is also busy revising for her RO1 exam and we wish her all the best. Keep up the hard work!

Happy birthday!

Finally this month, a huge “Happy birthday” to business development manager Helen Hinde.

Helen celebrated her 40th birthday recently, spending two weeks taking some well-earned rest in Italy. Congratulations on reaching this birthday milestone!


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