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James is an engineer in the energy sector. He is a single father to his son (13) after sadly losing his wife and becoming a widower in 2017. In 2019 James decided to relocate and move home.

“I originally worked with Ben when he worked in Ashford some years ago, and I just needed advice on obtaining a mortgage. Ben had a nice manner about him and was easy to talk to. When the option came up to purchase the house, we had to move quickly, but Ben was able to make this happen; he sorted everything out and made the whole process easy to understand.

I continued to work with Ben when he set up Fingerprint Financial Planning.”

How did we help?

“Following the passing of my late wife it was time for me to move on to a new home. At the time, the mortgage was held in joint names, which needed to be addressed.

Once I’d found our new home, it was a complicated process to quickly obtain a bridging loan to buy it, then another mortgage to pay off the loan, then another mortgage for the property. Ben was on hand to help every step of the way.

Using a Buy to Let mortgage, which Ben also sorted out for me, I’ve been able to keep our previous house which is now rented out.”

What’s the best thing about Fingerprint?

“Ben has always been very helpful, as have all the supporting staff. If I need help with any issue, they are there to help and offer advice.

I have good interest rates on both mortgages for the properties I now own and I’m able to make it work for me. I recommend all my friends and colleagues to Fingerprint as the service is first class and you never feel bad for asking a question.

My life goals have now changed to create a situation where, with Fingerprint’s help, I plan to retire early and leave a property for my son. I’m really pleased that with Ben’s advice, I’m now working towards achieving those retirement goals.”

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